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Medleaf collects anonymous information from users such as gender, age, height, weight, illness being treated, type, quantity and frequency of the medicine taken and the beneficial effects of the medicine. The information received is utilized to assist doctors, dispensaries and medical researchers in determining what are the best medicines and dosages for each individual illness.

What is MedLeaf

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MedLeaf allows you to research medical marijuana products to learn their medicinal properties.

Create Ongoing Record

Keep an ongoing record of product usage, your reaction to it, and how well it manages symptoms.

Login Anonymously

MedLeaf doesn't require you to register for an account so all information remains anonymous.

Our Application

Anonymous Information Form

This data helps MedLeaf to achieve their mission by providing consensus information to what products work best for each aliment. Answer questions based on demographic, age, and gender so MedLeaf can recommend future products for your aliment.

Browse Connecticut MMP Products

MedLeaf Mobile ties directly into the Connecticut State API providing updated information on products that have been entered into the system.

Product Details

Once a product is selected the person will be bale to see product information, terpene information, and have the ability to create records for that product.

Favorite Products

Have a product you often use? Click the little heart icon on a product to save to your Favorites list. Once favorited you will be able to quickly access the products you use.

Access Resources

MedLeaf connects directly to Connecticut MMP Program. You will be able to register for a Medical Marijuana License, upload to dispensary, and handle all Connecticut forms.

Connecticut Product Guide

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